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Northern Rubberworks Guide to Nipple Concealing and Revealing

Do you want your pasties to perform all night long, or pop off at the first provocation?

For nipples that don’t want to stay hidden, we recommend body tape. Just fix it to the pastie first, then pop it on. This way they can come off quick and easy whenever the moment takes you.

If nipple security is your need, our spirit gum will keep that last bit of your modesty for the length of your performance or your night out/in.

  • Apply to the back of the pasties
  • Wait a few moments for it to dry a little so it’s nice and tacky 
  • Press firmly onto the body

To  remove, soak some cotton wool in our Spirit Gum Remover, apply around the edges and allow the remover to break down the Spirit Gum. This bit can be painful if rushed.

We recommend you do a patch test with the Spirit Gum and Remover 24 hours before wearing, and remove nipple piercings.

After removal, wash off any glue or tape before putting away.



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