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All of our garments are made to measure. The garment you order will be made for you in your specific measurements, so it is important that you give us accurate measurements for a perfectly fitting garment.

When taking a body measurement, the tape measure should be snug against the body, but not tight enough to indent the skin. If you don’t have access to a tape measure, use a piece of string or cord (non-elasticated of course) to measure your body, and then measure this against a ruler.

Bust: The bust measurements should be taken around the widest part of the bust. For the best fit, measure when wearing a non-padded bra so that the bust is being measured in the correct supported position accurately.

Underbust: The underbust measurement should be taken around the ribcage directly beneath the bust. The ribcage changes size dramatically just from deep breathing, so take a relaxed exhale and read the tape measure at this point.

Waist: Your Waist measurement should be taken at the slimmest part of your midriff.

Top Hip: Your Top Hip measurement, not to be confused with your “Full Hip” measurement, should be taken around the waist at the height of the top of your hip bones. You can feel the correct position for this by pressing your fingers into the sides of your  waist at around belt height – that bone you are feeling is your pelvis. Feel around to the place they stick out most at the front and this is the correct height to take your Top Hip measurement.

Hip: Sometimes called “Full Hip” to distinguish it from the “Top Hip”, this measurement should be taken around the widest part of your bottom.

Bra Sizing: When buying one of our bras we will need your bra size (both number and letter) and your underbust measurement. The Bra size tells us which Underwire size you need, and the underbust measurement is for us to make the cradle to fit your back.

If you aren’t sure of your correct bra size, we recommend you arrange to be professionally measured somewhere local to you. This is often a free, no obligation service high street shops provide. It is far too easy to adjust straps and be able to wear the wrong size bra, but this will never feel as comfortable or look as good as the correctly sized bra and may eventually be the cause of back, shoulder or neck pain.


Diversity: Here at Mico Couture we welcome everybody. We design for anybody and every body (regardless of gender identity). All measurements should be taken as described above. If you intend to wear your clothing over a prosthesis, breast form or any other body padding or binding, please take these measurements whilst wearing these items. If you are concerned about fit please do not hesitate to contact us and our tailor will be happy to discuss your requirements.  All orders are dealt with in the strictest confidence, we are passionate about making beautiful latex clothing for our beautiful spectrum of customers.


Measure around the neck and select your appropriate size.

If you are between sizes we recommend purchasing the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

  • S       11”-13”
  • M      13”-15”
  • L       15”-17”
  • XL    17”-19”



Our tie sizes are made to fit with a collared shirt or blouse. For example, if you wear a 16” shirt collar, you would order a size 15-17” tie.

  • S       11”-13”
  • M      13”-15”
  • L       15”-17”
  • XL    17”-19”

If you would like to wear your tie directly against the neck and not with a collared shirt or blouse, please measure your neck and order one size smaller. For example, if your neck measures 14”, order an 11-13” collar.



Measure around the thigh at the height you wish to wear your garters and select your appropriate size



When measuring your knuckle circumference, place your hand flat on a surface and measure all the way around the knuckles at the top of your palm.

Choose the size which equates to your knuckle measurement.

  • XS     15 – 16.5cm
  • S        16.5 – 18cm
  • M      18 – 19.5cm
  • L       19.5 – 21cm
  • XL     21 – 23cm

Northern Rubberworks Care Guide for Rubberists

Your mucky new look has arrived!

Here’s how to keep the colour and shine looking like new, wear after wear after wear:

  • First thing to do is wash off it’s travel talk with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth
  • Hang up to drip dry, then gently pat dry with a soft towel 
  • Make sure there are no water droplets left, then lightly coat the insides in our reyt good Dressing Aid
  • Follow the above instructions for washing between wears
  • Lubricate your latex by applying our amazing Dressing Aid to the inside, then slide on delicately to transform yourself for the evening
  • Use one of our Specialist Rubber Polishes to keep the gloss and colour looking like new

Love your rubber! 

  • Be careful with sharp objects, including nails, jewellery and hair accessories 
  • Don’t scrub while washing, treat it gently like a lover (or maybe not…)
  • Using lube and polish that contain petro-chemicals is unkind to your rubber, that’s why we take the danger out by selling our own
  • Like many of us latex longs for the dark, so don’t store it in direct sunlight or the colour can fade
  • No folding or hanging on metal hangers
  • Never store whites and colours together 

Our garments are not suitable for people with allergies to:

  • Latex
  • Nicol
  • Silicone based polish
  • Talcum powder

Remove the garment and seek medical advice if you have any adverse reaction.


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