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Wondering how to get the best from your new Mico Couture items? Check out our  Quick Care Instructions for for helpful information and guides on looking after your latex! Want a more in depth guide? Need help with pull on latex? Then check out our Complete Care Guide

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Northern Rubberworks Care Guide for Rubberists

Your mucky new look has arrived!

Here’s how to keep the colour and shine looking like new, wear after wear after wear:

  • First thing to do is wash off it’s travel talk with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth
  • Hang up to drip dry, then gently pat dry with a soft towel 
  • Make sure there are no water droplets left, then lightly coat the insides in our reyt good Dressing Aid
  • Follow the above instructions for washing between wears
  • Lubricate your latex by applying our amazing Dressing Aid to the inside, then slide on delicately to transform yourself for the evening
  • Use one of our Specialist Rubber Polishes to keep the gloss and colour looking like new

Love your rubber! 

  • Be careful with sharp objects, including nails, jewellery and hair accessories 
  • Don’t scrub while washing, treat it gently like a lover (or maybe not…)
  • Using lube and polish that contain petro-chemicals is unkind to your rubber, that’s why we take the danger out by selling our own
  • Like many of us latex longs for the dark, so don’t store it in direct sunlight or the colour can fade
  • No folding or hanging on metal hangers
  • Never store whites and colours together 

Our garments are not suitable for people with allergies to:

  • Latex
  • Nicol
  • Silicone based polish
  • Talcum powder

Remove the garment and seek medical advice if you have any adverse reaction.


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